To provide support services to adults with intellectual disabilities that enable them to become productive contributing citizens within their community.

CIEVA has three extended business ventures to help better the community while also providing training and job placement for many clients, including trophies and engraving, recycling and woodworking. CIEVA’s First Impressions KIOSK, Recycling Center and Wood Working Shop are the three on-site businesses which support clients.

CIEVA recognizes funding support from the New Brunswick Department of Social Development.

Community Industries Employment Vocational Association (CIEVA) provides support services to adults from the age of nineteen with intellectual disabilities, enabling them to become productive citizens within their community. Through various facilitating and designing opportunities, we help develop their individual strengths and awareness, helping them find supported job opportunities, while also developing their vocational skills.
CIEVA offers supported services in the development of:


    • Job Skills
    • Social Skills
    • Personal Development
    • Community Access


For more information about our services, please give us a call at (506) 325-4909