CIEVA Recycling Services evolved from 1990, from a basic recycling center to the full-service site it is today, employing up to ten clients.

The Bottle Exchange buys returnable bottles and cans from customers, who are not required to remove covers or count or sort the product. The clients perform these tasks as part of daily operations. American product is accepted and separated by the clients.

Pick-up service for businesses can be arranged for all recyclables and paper products. Call for schedules and rates.

 E-Waste is the collection of old and used electronics as listed below. CIEVA is the licensed E-Waste Collection Depot for the Greater Woodstock area.

Acceptable Electronics:


CIEVA Confidential Shredding
Service offers secure, confidential and safe destruction of sensitive and personal documents; to small and large businesses.

CIEVA also has a recycling service for all paper and cardboard.

Mechanical balers press the paper into bales which are shipped out by truck to industrial sites.









Please put all items in plastic bags and deposit them into our pink clothing bin.

For more information, contact our…
Redemption Center Supervisor:
Diana Miller