CIEVA Woodworking  was one of the first businesses to be developed in 1983 and is still operating today. The six clients employed in the business are versatile and can construct many different products with oversight of supervisors and counselors.

Custom-made wood products are specialties. The “Wood Shop” as it is known has contracts with businesses to supply specialty shipping pallets sized and constructed specifically for a particular product. Regular shipping pallets are available in large or small orders for businesses that move their product by truck and container.

Survey or grade stakes are made-to-order for the small gardener or produced on contract for large survey companies and government agencies. Various stake sizes are held in inventory.

Agriculture storage containers, hardwood or softwood, are very popular for storage of produce. These are made-to-order to the size and specifications of each customer.

Wooden fencing is making a comeback and is constructed in various lengths and heights, depending on the request of the customer. This product is 100% client-manufactured.

In keeping with the enviro-friendly aspect of CIEVA, scrap wood from the remnants of construction projects is sold by the crate to interested customers as kindling and firewood. Call for information.

CIEVA Woodworking is a Federally Licensed manufacturer of heat treated goods and products for all international destinations. CIEVA is one of very few manufacturers of wood products eligible for entry into the US and European markets.

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CIEVA Woodworking Shop Supervisor
Alisa Calhoun
Office: 506-325-4941
Fax: 506-325-4642