CIEVA delivers a valuable service to Carleton and York Counties by providing supported job opportunities and employment skills development for intellectually disabled adults. Through funding and business assistance, CIEVA is currently supporting fifty clients in job situations on-site and in the community.

A wide variety of mainstream job opportunities has been developed for clients such as positions in the following:

  • Food Service
  • Child Care
  • Fast Food Industry
  • Farming Industry
  • Banking Institutions
  • Transportation Industry
  • Mail Delivery Service
  • Office Assistance
  • Janitorial Assistant
  • Grocery Industry
  • Prescription Delivery Service
  • Woodworking Assistant
  • Trophy Production and Engraving
  • Recycling Assistants
  • Auto Parts Warehouse Assistant


New clients are welcome, and the referral of potential clients is coordinated through the Department of Social Development in Woodstock, New Brunswick. Initial contact may be made by calling CIEVA’s Client Services Manager at (506) 325-4913.