In all of CIEVA’s extended business ventures, as with all CIEVA’s activities and programs, the client always comes first. Client safety, well-being and skills development are the driving forces behind our day-to-day operations within all three of the main businesses.


CIEVA Recycling Services:
•  Licensed Redemption Center for all Canadian and US beverage containers (with the exception of milk containers)
•  Paper and Cardboard Recycling
•  E-Waste
•  Pick up services for business can be arranged, by calling 506-325-4951


Shredding Service offers secure,  confidential and safe destruction of sensitive and personal documents; to small and large businesses. CIEVA also has a recycling service for all paper and cardboard. Mechanical balers press the paper into bales which are shipped out by truck to industrial sites.


Woodworking :
•  Custom Made Wood Products
•  Wooden Fencing
•  Agriculture Storage Boxes
•  Shipping Pallets/Shipping Crates
•  Survey / Grade stakes
•  Park Benches
•  Picnic Tables
•  Rustic Primitive Products
  • Federally Licensed Heat Stamp Certified For International Destinations