To serve adult individuals with intellectual disabilities in employment situations. The overall goal is to develop and support community based placements ranging from volunteer to full pay integrated positions from Nackawic to Hartland.

CIEVA’s Specialties

  • Supported job skills training in the community
  • Bonded confidential shredding
  • Licensed Recycling / Redemption Center
  • E-Waste Collection

CIEVA’s History

CIEVA was founded in 1980, when local parents, educators and concerned citizens saw the potential for integrating adults with intellectual disabilities into the community.

Following the donation of land by the Town of Woodstock in the industrial park and with funding from the local parent support organization which today is called the Woodstock Association for Community Living, the building known as “The Workshop” was erected.

The goal of our organization was, and continues to be, to provide supportive training to intellectually disabled adults seeking employment training and counseling. Community placements were developed for adults whose skills were job-market ready.

Over the years, different businesses were developed as a means of hosting on-site job training for clients. Machinery has been purchased over time to build business production to offer clients additional skills training.